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Issued by the Office of Auditor General

OAG Muni-update - November 2023 (PDF) - Municipal Training Event Highlights

Issued by the Office of the Auditor General

OAG-update – December 2022 (PDF) – Accounting for American Rescue Plan Federal Funds – State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds Program (SLFRF)

OAG-update – October 2021 (PDF) - Implementing GASB Statement No. 84 - Fiduciary Activities

OAG-update – January 2021 (PDF) - Overview of COVID-19 Federal Assistance

OAG-update – August 2020 (PDF) – Accounting Guidance for LEAs Covid-19 Federal Assistance

OAG-update – May 2020 (PDF) – GASB postponement of effective dates for new standards

OAG-update – April 2020 (PDF) – Covid-19 Resources for Local Governments

OAG-update – April 2020 (PDF) – Update from GASB re: Covid-19

OAG-update – February 2020 (PDF) – GASB No. 84 – Fiduciary Activities

OAG-update – October 2019 (PDF) – Cybersecurity

Issued by Division of Municipal Finance, Department of Revenue and Office of the Auditor General

Muni-news – October 2016 (PDF)

Muni-news – November 2015 (PDF)

Muni-news – April 2014 (PDF)


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